Friday, June 6, 2008

Independent Service Experience

June 2, 2008

Independent Service Experience

My Independent Service was a fun and learning experience. Being though a lot of my family members have businesses, jobs that I can volunteer at or are block captains of their blocks this was very easy and at the same time fun. My first 3 hours came from helping Mrs. Klose clean her classroom. During this time I just went around her classroom and pick up trash off the tables and floors. The 8 hours came from babysitting my cousin's children went she had her baby. This was a very unforgettable experience because I was there when her water broke and I aided her until the ambulance arrived. About 5 days after my cousin baby she had a spring-clean up on her block, being though she is block captain. I decided that this would be another great opportunity for me to get service learning hours, so I helped clean up with her and her neighbors. At this cleaning day, I was in charge of getting all they trash up and bagging it. This one experience was especially good because I felt as though I was keeping the community safe and clean. this also gave me 4 hours of community service hours. Overall this experience was a fun and unforgettable.

Monday, June 2, 2008

may 28th Meeting

During this meeting we watched a documentary that Mrs. Klose had made. The documentary was of the pictures she took while in New Orleans. She put it together to have something to Ballards Spahr to get them to print the papers for us. Furthermore, the documentary itself was good. She put music that was reflective of the New Orleans environment. The documentary was just good.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MAY 28th + JUNE 5th Meetings

At these meetings I plan to continue to find printing companies. I also plan to call these companies and ask if they will print out the banner or flyers for us. After that is done I want to call places like The Zoo to see if we could set up a station in there to for people to make the funderd bills. By setting up the stations this would get the Project starting point. Another thing I would like to get done is to find the places that is willing to donate the oil and the oil containers. We need those things in order to run the tank that is supposed to pick up the bills.

May 15th meeting Continued .

At this meeting I continued to design my banner. This time I constructed my own funderd dollar bill to show an example of what one really looked like. On the banner I put the basic info about the funderd project, who was involed in it, and what we plan to do it the project. After the construction of my banner, I gather a list of local printing companies that might be able to print out a banner for us or other papers that need to be printed.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 15th meeting

At this meeting i plan to finish the banner. I also plan to help the other people in my group finish their assignments, so that we could start the BIG parts of the project sooner.

5th Meeting

At this meeting we all were assigned different jobs for the group. Some people were assigned to call some printer companies, banner companies, and other places that benefit the group. I was assigned to design a possible banner that could be used for the groups logo. I started the banner but it just isn't finished.

Friday, May 2, 2008

4th meeting

At this meeting we started to write letters to places were we could set up at or if we could use there printers. Some of us wrote wrote letters to people asking for oil or oil containers. At this meeting we barely got anything done.